Why not cook something to eat as a flat? Bulk out this recipe to make as much fajitas as you need!


  • A quantity of Chicken
  • A quantity of Spices of your taste
  • A quantity of Peppers
  • A quantity of Mixed veg
  • A quantity of Onion
  • A quantity of Passata
  • A quantity of Chopped tomatoes
  • Bulk it out with left over veg


  1. Fry off the chicken and onions in a pan
  2. Using a larger pan add the passata and the chopped toms and chuck in any veg that needs to cook through
  3. Once the chicken is fried off then add it to the larger pan and add any spices you wish to add
  4. Allow it to simmer and cook through for around an hour
  5. Serve with wraps and any sauces/cheese you wish and enjoy!


As many as you like! You can easily tailor this recipe to your liking and I hope you enjoy my rendition of fajitas.